Tahoe Donner Condo Vacation Rental Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into this ______ day of ___________, 20___, by
and between Crescent Horizons, LLC , "Owner" and ________________________________

1. Owner rents out its 1-bedroom /1-office /1-bath condo (also called unit or rental property or other names)
located at 11527 Snowpeak Way, #617,  Truckee, CA 96161 from ______________ to _______________  
for the sum of $___________.

2. Owner and any of its agents will not be liable for any consequential damages, loss or expense arising out
of or in connection with the use of the rental property or the inability to use the rental property for
any purpose whatever. Owners and any of its agents maximum liability for all damages, losses and causes of
action, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, shall not in any case exceed in aggregate the
contract price for the rental.

3. In addition, the Renter undertakes to indemnify and hold Owner and any of its agents harmless against
any and all loss, claims, causes of action, demands and/or costs and expenses that may be incurred
by the Renter in relation to the condo rental.

4. Payment and deposit can be made by credit card or bank account using Paypal:
www.paypal.com         Owner's Paypal address is:  vacationrentalgetaways@gmail.com

5. Renter's agree to abide by the condo's complex's policy--and not to be a nuisance to neighbors in
the other parts of the condo complex. Policy is listed in the unit. Other policies may also exist. It is
the responsibility of the Renter to ask the Owner or any of its agents about these policies.

6. No smoking or drugs allowed. No loud partying or rowdy or troublesome guests allowed. No Pets allowed
without written permission. If a small pet is allowed ONLY with written permission beforehand, then it must be
kept inside the unit at all times, or if it goes outside, it must always be on a leash and under supervision of
their owners. Only small, friendly pets without any history of violence are allowed. Only clean, well groomed,
quiet, non-barking, well-trained animals are allowed. Renters agree to pick up all droppings of pets if on the
condo grounds of the complex with a bag of some sort (this is incredibly important). Renter agrees to keep
pets on a leash within condo grounds at all times. Additional fees, security deposit and "pet agreement" may
be necessary for a pet. No pet is allowed on furniture or on the beds. If pets are allowed, Renter must do an
especially good job at cleaning the unit. Often a larger security deposit and additional rent will be needed for
a pet. Please list types and names of pets here: _____________________________________________

7. Renter agrees to leave key in lock box on condo door when vacating. A lost key will result
in a $50 deduction from Renter's deposit. Renter agrees to leave parking pass, Condo complex pass, and
Tahoe Donner pass on kitchen counter when leaving. Any lost item will result in a $50 dollar deduction from
the security deposit.

8) Owner or its agents can be contacted by email at
vacationrentalgetaways@gmail.com or by cell phone at: (415)8024891.

9. Payment Policy: If renter is renting unit 14 days or less before set occupancy, immediate full payment and
this completed/signed/and emailed contract (with picture of photo ID if staying longer than 3 days) must be
emailed to Owner or its agents. Otherwise, full payment and the completion/signing/and emailing the owner
or its agents this contract and a photo ID are to be made 14-28 days before renters use the condo (Owner or
any of its agents will email an exact due date between 14-28 days for payment depending on availability and
season). Security deposit of $200 is to be paid as well at least 14 days before set occupancy. Owner or its
agents will refund the security deposit money within 7 days of occupants leaving condo in good, clean
condition via PayPal (if Renter does not clean the condo appropriately, up to a $200 cleaning fee will be
assessed). While there is no refund of any monies given to Owner or any of its agents if Renter cancels or
changes rental dates 28 days or closer to set occupancy date--the credit with Owner or any of its agents can
be applied to use the condo at another date within 6 months, subject to availability--unless Renter does not
notify Owner or any of its agents of changes via the email,  vacationrentalgetaways@gmail.com , 14 days
before set occupancy, in which case the Renter forefits all monies paid except deposit (unless the deposit is
the only money they have given, in which case they then forfit that deposit amount or the amount of $200 or
above, whichever is greater). Additionally, when renter changes their dates within 28 days or closer of set
occupancy, there is $100 change fee. Owner or any of its agents reserves the right to rent the unit to other
Renters if full payment and completion/signing/and emailing of rental contract is not done 14 days before
renters use condo. If Renter cancels before 28 days to set occupancy and requires their money back, they
are subject to a $100 cancellation fee. Owner or any of its agents are not responsible for approximate 3%
Paypal fee when refunding security deposit. Renter is not responsible for approximate 3% Paypal fee when
paying Owner or any of its agents rent or deposit money.

10. Renters must fill out personal information below:


Phone numbers (home AND cell)__________________________________________

Emails: ________________________________________________________________

Drivers Licenses or Passport (place and #)__________________________________________

Dates of birth _________________________________________________________

Professions ___________________________________________________________

A clear copy of the Renter's valid photo ID (driver's license/passport) is required to be emailed to
Owner or any of its agents, along with this contract.

11: This is the Owner's and its agent's occasional personal living space. And the condo comes with many
amenities.  There are many appliances and other amenities in the
condo. Renter uses all these at their own risk, and agree that if they use anything, they
understand how to use it properly and safely. The Owner and any of its agents are not responsible for
whether the Renter understands how to use something in the condo. The Owner and its agents have tried to
make sure everything in the condo works, but sometimes appliances and amenities do break and do not
function properly. Children under 18 require supervision at all times while in the condo, and require
supervision to use or do anything in the condo. The locked closet in the master bedroom, the garage, and
the outside closet near the front door of the condo is off-limits to the Renter; under no circumstances is the
Renter to attempt to open these things. Included in the condo are approximately 10 paintings that belong to
the Owner--as well as a small library and furniture and other things. Under no circumstances are the
paintings or furniture or other things to be moved or touched. The paintings are "not" to be
touched or tampered with. The books and videos in the library are for reading and viewing,
and Renters are "not" allowed to take books or videos with them when they
leave. Everything has been carefully photographed in the condo, so even a missing book or
video will go noticed and will be possibly heavily penalized. Criminal charges will be filed if
any paintings or items are stolen. There is video surveillance on the condo complex premises,
as well as diligent often on-site management. Inside curtains are provided on all the windows. Renters agree
not bring your own laundry from home or elsewhere to wash with washer and drier in unit. The washer and
drier are for use for clean-up only and rental purposes. Renters are responsible for your own toiletries,
though the Owner and its agents do try to replenish items when they are up there. While there is free WiFi,
and it usually works fine, Owner and its agents are not responsible for it being operational. Owner and its
agents are not responsible for walkways and stairs in the complex or any other part of the condo complex
(including but not limited to the pool, parking, clubhouse, jacuzzi, public bathrooms, games, etc)  that would
be the responsibility of the Condo complex and its home owners association. Renters use ALL the condo
complex amenities at their own risk. Owner and any of its agents are not responsible for Renter's
possessions in the unit at any time during their stay, whether they are away from the unit or not. Renters
agree to always take valuables with them when they leave unit. Renters agree to inspect the unit within the
first 60 minutes of arriving in the unit, and to inform the Owner (or any of the Owner's agents) via email or
phone text of any problems or concerns in the unit, including any problems or concerns of using the unit. A
copy of this agreement, digital or otherwise, may take the place of the original in any proceeding to enforce
its intent. If an emergency in the unit or a legal issue arises regarding the use of the unit that is not the fault
of the Renters but makes it so that Renters are not allowed in the unit or cannot get in the unit, Owner will
refund Renter's money for those amount of days remaining on Rental Agreement; in such a case, Renters
agree to hold Owner and its agents harmless and not liable of any charges or hassles, monetary or
otherwise, due to inconvenience or hardship of Renters. Renters agree not to change or modify the Owner's
wording of this Rental Agreement as it is found on the unit's website, nor to add any additional clauses, but
only to fill in the necessary blanks required of Renters to be able to rent the unit and send in the completed

12: Only Renters with experience making fires in fire places should use the fire place. Renters agree never
to leave the fireplace, a candle burning or the oven or stove on when sleeping or not being in the condo.
The wire mesh should always remain closed on the fireplace while the fire is burning. Renters are responsible
for their own firewood.

13: When a Renter leaves the condo for the last time, they are to set the heater thermostat
for 55 degree and make sure the stove and oven, and other major appliances, like the washer, drier, and
dishwasher are off,  They are also to leave the condo guest card, the Tahoe Donner guest card and guest
parking permit on the kitchen counter / table. They are also to leave the key in the lock box when they leave.
Renters are not to sublet the unit under any circumstances.

14. This is a ski resort area. The weather can quickly change and you may experience travel
delays and temporary road closures. Check weather at Yahoo Weather and Highway 80
road conditions at Road Conditions. Weather and road conditions, and whether the Tahoe
Donner amenities, like its downhill ski area or recreation center are up and running and open, are
not the responsibility of the Owner or any of its agents.

15. If Renter allows any guests into the condo, they are fully responsible for the actions of those guests,
including liabilities and other issues that arise related to the guests. Renter does not have the right or
permission to rent out or lease this unit to others, nor grant occupancy of the the unit to others, nor grant
any other rights.

16. In no way can a Renter use this condo longer that the time frames allocated within this agreement.
Renter agrees that anything over, above and beyond their allocated stay of time according to this contract
constitutes: criminal trespassing. Renter agrees that this is a vacation rental property and not a residence.
Renter agrees that Renter has a residence elsewhere.

17. Renter agrees not to check out later than noon, and not to check in earlier than 4PM unless prior written
arrangements are made with the owner.

I have read and understood the terms in this agreement, and I agree to abide by the terms and conditions as
set out above. I understand that the condo owner and its agents will not be liable whatsoever for any
loss or any injury to myself or anyone on or using the condo or its' property during
my rental term, however caused. I have filled out this application to the best of my knowledge
and understand that it can be used as a legal document in a court of law. If any part of this
agreement is not upheld in a court of law for any reason whatsoever, it will not affect the legality
and validity of the remaining parts of the agreement.
I understand that as a Renter, if I am emailing this
document to the Owner or its agents, and that I write my name below in the "signature space", then that
constitues my "digital signature", which carries all the same legal rights and legal responsiblities as any other
standard legal written signature.

Signature___________________________     Print name _______________________________Date

Signature___________________________     Print name_______________________________Date

Signature___________________________     Print name_______________________________Date

Signature____________________________   Print name_______________________________
your phone). You can also print this agreement out, fill it out completely, then
scan or take photos of it, and email it in that way. ****