18 Otter Ter., Brookings, Oregon 97415 Rental Agreement
(To rent this unit, Owner requires a correctly completed rental agreement (below) AND
also requires a picture of your Photo ID (which can be taken with your phone). This
agreement and the Photo ID can be emailed in, via cut and pasting it off: www. in the upper right hand corner of the site. Or by filing in
all the blanks below with the required info, and then print (or signing) your name in the
signature section at the bottom), and then cut and copying in into an email (or
scan/photographing it) and emailing to:  

18 Otter Ter., Brookings, Oregon 97415 Rental Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into this ______ day of ___________, 20___,
by and
between ______________________ , "Owner" and

1. Owner rents out his 2-bedroom / 1-bath cottage (also called unit, house, rental
property or other
names) located at 18 Otter Terrace., Brookings, Oregon from ________________ to
_______________  for the sum of $_____________________.

2. Owner and any of its agents will not be liable for any consequential damages, loss or
expense arising out of or in connection with the use of the rental property or the inability
to use the rental property for any purpose whatever. Owner and its agents maximum
liability for all damages, losses and causes of action, whether in contract, tort or
otherwise, shall not in any case exceed in aggregate the contract price for the rental.

3. In addition, the Renter undertakes to indemnify and hold Owner and any of its agents
harmless against any and all loss, claims, causes of action, demands and/or costs and
expenses that may be incurred by the Renter in relation to the cottage rental.

4. Payment and deposit can be made by VRBO or by credit card or bank account using
Payment for this unit should be sent to:
Other payment methods may be occasionally acceptable.

5. Renter's agree to abide by the common decency standards and state laws, and not
to be a nuisance to neighbors in the other parts of neighborhood. Policies, if not found
in this rental agreement, can be obtained by calling or emailing the Owner or his agent.
It is the responsibility of the Renter to ask the owner or its agent about these policies.

6. No smoking or drugs allowed. No loud partying or rowdy or troublesome guests
allowed. No more than 3-4 adults or a family of 5 people (2 adults, 3 kids) are permitted
to stay in the unit overnight. More than 3 adults or 4 overall people may cost more. No
Pets allowed without written permission. If pets are allowed, then they must be kept
inside the unit at all times, or if they go outside, they must always be on a leash and
under supervision of their owners. Only small, friendly pets without any history of
violence are allowed. Only clean, well groomed, quiet, non-barking, well-trained
animals are allowed. Renters agree to pick up all droppings of pets if on the
property or neighborhood grounds of with a bag of some sort (this is very important)
and dispose of in outside trash can. Renter  agrees to keep pets on a leash within
property or neighborhood grounds at all times. Additional fees, security deposit and "pet
agreement" may be necessary for a pet. No pet is allowed on furniture or on the beds. If
pets are allowed, Renter must do an especially good job at cleaning the unit. Often a
larger security deposit and additional rent will be needed for a pet. Please list types and
names of pets here: _____________________________________________

7. Renter agrees to leave keys in lock box on house door when vacating. A lost key will
resultin a $50 deduction from Renter's deposit.

8) Owner or its agents can be contacted by email at or by cell phone: (415) 802-4891.

9. Payment Policy: Full payment is due to make a reservation, as is a completed rental
agreement. We don’t offer refunds for cancellations or change of plans. Some
exceptions may be made in writing by email. Renter agrees to pay a $100 cleaning fee,
which provides cleaning of the unit after they leave.

10. Renters must fill out personal information below:

Home address:

Phone numbers (home AND cell)__________________________________________


Drivers Licenses or Passport (place and #)

Professions ___________________________________________________________

A clear copy of the Renter's valid photo ID is required to be emailed to Owner or its
agents along with this contract to:

11: There are many appliances and other amenities in the
cottage. Renter uses all these at their own risk, and agree that if they use anything, they
understand how to use it properly and safely. The owner or any of its agents are not
responsible for whether the Renter understands how to use something in the cottage.
The owner and its agents have tried to make sure everything in the house works, but
sometimes appliances and amenities do break and do not function properly. Children
under 18 require supervision at all times while in the
house, and require supervision to use or do anything in the house. The locked cubbard
in the living room of the unit is off-limits to the Renter, and under no circumstances is
the Renter to attempt to open this pad-locked closet. They are 3 other closets and
three other cubbords in the house for Renter use if needed. Included in the house are
paintings that belong to the owner--as well as a small library, appliances, furniture and
other things. Under no circumstances are any of these things
to be moved, altered or removed from the unit. The paintings are "not" to be touched or
tampered with. The books and videos in the library are for reading and viewing, and
Renters are "not" allowed to take books or videos with them when they leave.
Everything has been carefully photographed in the house, so even a missing book or
video will go noticed and may be penalized. Criminal charges
may be filed if any expensive items are stolen, or if major damage to the unit is
deliberately caused. Renters are responsible for your own toiletries, though the owner
or its agents do try to replenish items when they visit. While there is free WiFi, and it
usually works decently, Owner and its agents are not responsible for it being
operational, as a third party provides it. Renters agree not bring your own laundry from
home or elsewhere to wash with washer and drier in unit. The washer and drier are for
use for clean-up only and rental purposes. Owner and its agents are not
responsible for Renter's possessions in the unit at any time during their stay, whether
they are away from the unit or not. Renters agree to always take valuables with them
when they leave unit. Renters agree to inspect the unit within the first 60 minutes of
arriving in the unit, and to inform the Owner (or
any of the Owner's agents) via email or phone text of any problems or concerns in the
unit, including any problems or concerns of using the unit. A copy of this agreement,
digital or otherwise, may take the place of the original in any proceeding to enforce its
intent. The agent or its owners do not provide boogie boards, portable beach chairs,
ice chests, or other recreation items, etc. If any of these items have been left in
the unit by other guests, and Renters and their guests decide to use them, then
Renters and their guests use them at entirely their own risk. Renters (and any guests
Renters have on property  agrees to stay at least 6 feet away from the bluff and cliff of
the oceanfront property (a wire fence exists near the bluff to keep people away).
Renters also understands that the deck attached to the house, while only about 30
inches off the ground, has no guard railing--and that Renter (and any guests including
guest children or their own children Renter has on property) will be careful at all times
to not fall off it while using the deck.

12: There is deeded parking for this unit for up to 2 cars, one behind the other; feel free
to use it. Items underneath the deck are not to be used without the permission of the
Owner or its agents. Renter and their guests agree not to use the bluff, cliff, or sloping
property beyond the steel wire fence near the ocean of the property for any reason
whatsoever. The Owner and its agents will dutifully attempt to respect the privacy of
Renters and its guests, however, on occassion incidents arise where other actions
must be performed. In such a case, Renters agree to allow a prospective
tenant, property buyer, or real estate professional, or other persons access to the
cottage for a short time to deal with maintenance, real estate business, or other
endeavors regarding the cottage. Owner or its agents will attempt to contact by calling
or emailing Renters 24 hours before any such person would enter the cottage.
However, if an emergency occurs with the property--especially one
that endangers the house or its Renters and guests--Renters give Owners and its
agents permission to access the house and property immediately. Also, Renters allow
access to the property (not inside the house) during daylight hours for gardeners,
landscapers, and maintenence persons (these people come to the property only a few
times a month for a few hours). Renters are not allowed to give the key code or
entrance key to anyone else other than those staying in the cottage. A copy of
this agreement, digital or otherwise, may take the place of the original in any
proceeding to enforce its intent. If a major emergency in the unit or a unfixable legal
issue arises regarding the use of the unit that
is not  the fault of the Renters but makes it so that Renters are not allowed in the unit,
or that they cannot get in the unit (cannot get in within 3 hours of arrival and after 3
hours from contacting owner via email, text, or phone (must leave a message), Owner
will refund Renter's money for those amount of days remaining on Rental Agreement;
in  such a case, Renters agree to hold Owner and its agents harmless and not liable of
any charges or  hassles, monetary or otherwise, due to inconvenience or hardship of
Renters. Renters agree not to change or modify the Owner's wording of this Rental
Agreement as it is found on the unit's website, nor to add any additional clauses, but
only to fill in the necessary blanks required of Renters to be
able to rent the unit and send in the completed agreement.  

13: A "welcome email" and a key code will be emailed to the Renter upon the Owner or
its agents receiving full payment and security deposit, and this completed agreement
and a copy of Renter's photo ID. This "welcome email" will contain instructions for use
of the cottage. When a Renter leaves the cottage for the last time, they are to make
sure the stove and oven, and other major appliances, like the washer and drier are off.
They are to make sure there is no water running in the sink and and bathroom, or
anywhere in the unit. They are also to leave the key in the lock box when they leave.
They are to make sure the doors are locked and the heaters are off.

14. Southern Oregon is a rugged area that has a history of tsunamis and earthquakes.
Additionally, the weather can quickly change and you may experience travel delays and
temporary road and airport closures. Weather and road conditions, and acts of nature
that keep you from getting to the unit or using the condo, are not the responsibility of
the owner or its agents. Additionally, Owner and its agents are not responsible for any
other reasons you can't get to the unit and use it.

15. If Renter allows any guests into the cottage, they are fully responsible for the
actions of those guests, including liabilities and other issues that arise related to the
guests. Renters do not have the right or permission to rent out or lease this unit to
others, nor grant any other rights.

16. In no way can a Renter use this cottage longer that the time frames allocated within
this agreement. Renter agrees that anything over, above and beyond their allocated
stay of time according to this contract constitutes: trespassing. Renter agrees that this
is a short term rental property, and to use it as such, and that it is not a permanent
residence. Owners are not responsible for emails going to spam.

I have read and understood the terms in this agreement, and I agree to abide by the
terms and conditions as set out above. I understand that the cottage owner and its
agents will not be liable whatsoever for any loss or any injury to myself or anyone on or
using the cottage or its property during my rental term, however caused. I have filled
out this application to the best of my knowledge and understand that it can be used as
a legal document in a court of law. I understand and can read English. If any part of this
agreement is not upheld in a court of law for any reason whatsoever, it will
not affect the legality and validity of the remaining parts of the agreement. I understand
that as a Renter, if I am emailing this document to the Owner or its agents, and that I
write my name below in the "signature space", then that constitues my "digital
signature", which carries all the same legal rights and legal responsiblities as any other
standard legal written signature.   

Renters can email this signed agreement to the Owner or its agents at:


Date ____________


Date _____________


Date _____________


Date _____________