Z    I    V    E    N    T    U    R    E    S
Istvan Media was started by American-Hungarian bestselling author Zoltan Istvan. He offers filming, editing, production, writing, photography, consultation,
and interviews.

Born in Los Angeles, Zoltan began sailing alone around the world at the age of 21 on his sailboat,
The Way--his main cargo being 500 carefully chosen
books, mostly classics. He's visited over 100 countries, many as a journalist. He's written for the
The New York Times Syndicate, National Geographic.com,
San Francisco Chronicle, The Daily Caller, Sail, Outside,
and many other publications.

In his late 20s he began work with the National Geographic Channel--filming, writing, narrating, producing,
and appearing in television news segments and webcasts. He also published photography and online articles for
them about adventure, science, human rights, wildlife, and environmental issues.

His stories have also been featured on the Travel Channel, Animal Planet, BBC Radio, the Hungarian National
Television Channel, AOL Broadband, and the Associated Press Television Network, as well as NBC,
ABC, CBS, FOX, and WB via the nationally syndicated, eight time Emmy-nominated show:
Animal Rescue TV.  
He's filmed and created videos for nonprofits like WildAid and the Eikosphere Foundation.

His award-winning 60-minute documentary:  
Pawns of Paradise: Inside the Brutal Kashmir Conflict  has
shown in film festivals around the world. Janson Media has signed on to the sale and distribution of the show.

In addition to journalism, Zoltan was a director at the international conservation group
WildAid; has
logged over 400 dives as an archaeological diver for Guam's renowned underwater treasure hunt:
The Pilar Project; and started and runs ZI Ventures. He holds a degree in Philosophy and Religion
from Columbia University, and lives in San Francisco with his daughter and his wife, a physician.
Zoltan Istvan is among the correspondents I value most for his...courage.
Senior Editor, New York Times Syndicate
Istvan Media
Travel! Intrigue! Cannibals! Extreme journalism at far ends of Earth!
Headline featuring Zoltan Istvan, San Francisco Chronicle
Thank you--you did a great interview for us!
Producer, BBC Radio
Congratulations on an excellent story--really well written, concise and eloquent.
Editor, National Geographic News Service